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Grassnip (Official Art)
Redone! My original version of this drawing was way too small in scale and wasn't quite washed-out enough

My original sprite here. It goes without saying, but please do not use :\
Hippour (Official Art)
My original attempt at old Sugimori styled art but revised.
Made in Gimp. Any feedback on the shading/outline/etc helps. 

My original sprite here


It's not uncommon for even the most hardcore Pokefan to have a certain Pokemon they just plain dislike or even hate. It can be any number of reasons (unoriginal, ugly, too popular, too "Digimon"), but regardless of our opinions, there are always people who will say "I'd like to see you do any better"...well, now here's your chance!I am a dummy!  Do better by improving the design of the Pokemon you like the least!

 150 pokemon 

To Enter

:pokeball: Ask to enter in the Comments of this journal post. Also tell me which least favorite Pokemon you'll be drawing if you decided.
:pokeball: Create one improved design alongside a pic of the original Pokemon for comparison
:pokeball: In the description of your entry, detail why you dislike the original Pokemon
:pokeball: Next, describe how you've changed the original design. This will further help me see your thought process and the effort you put in.
:pokeball: When complete, comment with a link to your submission
:pokeball: Optional: Spread word of this contest to your Watchers or people you Watch in comments, journals, or status posts.


Visual Appeal (_ /10)
Does it look nice?
Is the art high fidelity? (beyond just a quick/crude sketch)
Is it clean and presented well?

Creativity & Effort (_ /10)
Was a lot of thought put in? (Go beyond sticking different styled eyes on it or something)
Are the perceived flaws of the original addressed in the improved version?

Recognizability (_ /10)
Can you still tell it's the same Pokemon just by looking?
Does it maintain some integrity of the original's concept (changing Pikachu from a Mouse to a Monkey for example isn't so much an improvement as it is a replacement)
Does it fit in well with existing Pokemon? Does it still look like a Pokemon?

Rules & Suggestions

:pokeball: Entry must be a NEW submission. If you've already used the Pokemon redesign in question before this contest, it will not qualify.
:pokeball: One submission per entrant
:pokeball: EDIT: It's okay to pick the same Pokemon as someone else. It only matters what your personal least fave is.
:pokeball: Pokemon should maintain the same name and similar concept as the original. 
:pokeball: Fulfill the criteria as shown in the To Enter section above. I'll notify you if you're missing something.
:pokeball: Behave in a civil manner. If someone happens to dislike a Pokemon you love, don't talk smack to them. What they think of a Pokemon shouldn't affect your own views.
:pokeball: Have fun! ;) (Wink) 
:redalert:  DEADLINE FOR ALL SUBMISSIONS BEFORE APRIL 30, 2017 (Pacific Time)


:points: FIRST PLACE: 100 points, free Gen II sprite commission, Gen II sprite of your redesign
:points: SECOND PLACE: 60 points, free Gen II sprite commission, Gen II sprite of your redesign
:points: THIRD PLACE: 40 points, free Gen II sprite commission, Gen II sprite of your redesign

If the least favorite Pokemon you choose happens to be mine too and you're not one of the top 3 winners, I'll gift a Gen II sprite of your redesign. 

All entrants will also receive a Llama Badge if I haven't given one already.


:iconsirwhibbles: SirWhibbles  New Stantler in Town by SirWhibbles
:iconthe-andrew2014: The-Andrew2014 Beeheyem
:iconharmonytrocketeeveon: HarmonytRocketEeveon  Lombre Remake - for JustinNugget's contest by HarmonytRocketEeveon
:iconmeetyourreaper: MeetYourReaper Klinklang Redesign [JustinNugget's Contest] by MeetYourReaper
:iconlukqmon: Lukqmon  Altered Pineco for JustinNuggets' Pokemon contest by Lukqmon
:iconcrazywizbiz: CrazyWizBiz  Ditto V.2 by CrazyWizBiz
:iconfrench-cyndaquil: French-Cyndaquil  Pinsir Improvement Sprite by French-Cyndaquil
:iconcaos-cepi: Caos-Cepi Altered Bidoof for JustinNuggets' Pokemon contest by Caos-Cepi
:iconjwnutz: JWNutz Floatzel redesign by JWNutz
:iconartgazer12: ARTgazer12 Alolan Persian
:iconiwannapuppy: iwannapuppy Revamped Salazzle (Contest Entry) by iwannapuppy
:icontoxicwyvern: ToxicWyvern Klinklang Redesign by ToxicWyvern
:iconhornedbeetle214: HornedBeetle214 Redesigned Ferrothorn by HornedBeetle214
:icontoldentops: Toldentops Lucario
:iconajkent14z: ajkent14z Mewtwo Redesign for JustinNuggets' contest by ajkent14z
:iconeventhorizontal: EventHorizontal Magnezone Redesigned by EventHorizontal
:iconcarbongolem: CarbonGolem 
:iconelazulmax: Elazulmax  Meganium Redesign by Elazulmax
:iconviereinklein: viereinklein Rhyperior
:iconbipolarkitkat: BipolarKitKat Azumarill Redesign by BipolarKitKat
:iconb-moz: B-Moz Mr. Mime Time by B-Moz
:iconpuka23: puka23 Drapion
:iconthedoodlefox: TheDoodleFox Dedenne Redo by TheDoodleFox
:iconmalamarvellous: Malamarvellous Roggenrola
:iconshinygazza: ShinyGazza Aromatissse redesign by ShinyGazza
:iconmaster-of-dreams: Master-Of-Dreams Dhelmise
:iconadamfegarido: AdamFegarido Dragonite
:iconpiacarrot: Piacarrot JustinNuggets Contest Entry: Sawk by Piacarrot#539 Sawk 
:icontotorgreyz: TontorGreyz  Vanilluxe REDESIGN by TontorGreyz
:iconechobreeze43: Echobreeze43 Swanna by Echobreeze43
:iconpokeartist529: PokeArtist529 golem
:iconkineil-wicks: Kineil-Wicks 
:iconkajiatsui: KajiAtsui Grumpig Redesign by KajiAtsui
:icontophatgeo: TophatGeo Tangrowth
:icongriseldaaa: Griseldaaa Magcargo
:iconwabatte-meru: Wabatte-Meru Loudred
:iconyonomna: yonomna  Redesigned Diglett by yonomnaDiglett 
:iconskarmorysilver: SkarmorySilver Gallade
:iconpsyknight72: Psyknight72 Contest: Heatmor Redesign by Psyknight72
:icon00succubus: 00Succubus Purugly Redraw {Pokemon} by 00Succubus
:iconpikminpower: PikminPower No. 100- Voltorb (JustinNuggets's IYLFP Contest) by PikminPower


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JustinNuggets Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks! tbh this is probably the one of the least fun part of designing Fakemon, aside from boring stuff like picking EXP growth rates, egg cycles, and height
French-Cyndaquil Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2017  New Deviant Hobbyist Digital Artist
You're welcome 😊 
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